Perhaps you’re getting cozy in a colorful hammock in the South American jungle, possibly you’re stuck in a baking ‘matatu’ at Kenya’s dry savannah or maybe you find yourself in the busy streets of India. Who knows? The important thing is that in the middle of the chaos and news impressions, you can sit down with that one book, you haven’t been able to get your eyes from since the moment you began your travel. This is the lifesaver to take your thoughts away and let yourself sink into a calm and relaxing state.

But how do you find this one amazing book that will influence your travel and make it even more rememberable? How about starting with this list of 10 books to read while travelling? Maybe you will find the perfect book for your travel!


  • Kerouac, Jack: On the road (1957)

Imagine yourself and a bunch of good friends roadtripping through the dusty roads of North America. Feeling the fresh air whirling around within your body and sensing the freedom of being the kings of the road, while singing along to the tunes of Bruce Springsteen. Now imagine all of this captured in a story about true friendship and a life on the American highways. The perfect book for a traveler!


  • Krakauer, Jon: Into the Wild (1996)

Do you ever dream about escaping from this world and the obligations and strings that are attached to it? By following the travel of a young man trying to hitchhike his way to the wilderness of Alaska, you will feel that you have escaped the reality. This book is best read by the light from a campfire in the desolated woods.


  • Kundera, Milan: The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1984)

This novel will take you to places that you have never been. Following the complicated love story of a man, a woman and their mistress and lover, you will be drawn into an exciting drama fulfilled by the geographically distant places. This is a novel to read when you’re feeling lonely on your travel and want to sink into the depths of a good story.


  • Kapuściński, Ryszard: Travels with Herodotus (2004)

If you’re travelling to India and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the tremendous country, this book will help you take in all India’s greatness and experience the country from still-virginal Western eyes. With Kapuściński’s work by your side and a backpack tightly tied to your back, you will find yourself accompanied by the perfect travel partners.


  • Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi: Half of a Yellow Sun (2007)

Travelling to Africa? Why not let Chimamanda and her mesmerizing writings introduce you to the continent’s treasures. This novel will take you back to the late 1960s, where you will get a look into the struggle of establishing an independent republic in southeastern Nigeria. It’s perfect to read when you have plenty of time and want not only to be swallowed up by a good story, but also want knowledge about a dark time in the history – Maybe while enjoying a long trip by flight or bus.


  • Garland, Alex: The Beach (1996)

If you’re travelling alone and looking for some excitement, this is the right book to read. On a thrilling treasure hunt for a hidden paradise in Thailand, a young backpacker and his fellow travelers take you out on a horrifying adventure including both beautiful beaches and terrible deaths. In a small self-sufficient community in paradise drama appears and you will find yourself turning the pages with a certain amount of eager.


  • Coelho, Paulo: The Alchemist (1986)

This book will take you on a joyful journey all the way from the fields of Spain to the Egyptian desert in the search of a mysterious treasure buried in the Pyramids. From Coelho’s work you will learn to listen to your heart and find your way through high hopes and big dreams, which makes this book perfect for the dreamers and hopeful travelers.


  • Orwell, George: Homage to Catalonia (1938)

In this book, Orwell presents you to the story of the Spanish Civil War from his perspective; a writer dressed as a solider fighting against the Fascists. Orwell will take you on a journey through the war and leave you with a broader impression of a life in the battlefield. It’s a perfect introduction to Catalonia and the parts of Spain that interacted in the war.


  • Mason, Daniel: The Piano Tuner (2002)

Join the travel of a middle-aged piano tuner from England to the jungle of Burma and follow his commission to repair a rare piano in the bushy jungle. Through the view of the piano tuner, you will be introduced to the raw life inside a jungle in the northeast of Burma, and this is a story that you will not want to miss!


  • Maclean, Rory: Magic Bus (2006)

Ever wondered how it would be to drive through the Eastern world in a true hippie bus? This is the book that will enlighten you on this topic. By following a man on his travel by the ‘hippie trail’ from Turkey to Nepal, you will be drawn into the breathtaking landscapes of the East and introduced to this man’s adventures on this travel.