The Nomad. A name which stands for all for the writers who made this magazine. A name that maybe captured our generation. Travelling is nowadays so easy. You can just catch a plane and be in another part of the world within hours. Everybody travels. Every single day there are thousands of people traveling across the world. Maybe they’re crossing your country. Maybe they move just in your hometown. The truth is; everybody is a nomad.

In a world where wanderlust is highly overrated, we still want to discover new cultures, make new friends and see everything there is to see. So yes, maybe we do have wanderlust but isn’t that a good way to discover the world?

The good thing about living in 2017 is that you don’t need to travel physically, to travel the world. You can travel with us, right here and right now. You can read about travels of Lala Singian in an interview.

Where she tells about all her journeys and how she shares that with her followers. You can make your fantasy come alive when you read about Hans Cristian Andersen and the amazing fairy tales he wrote. You will be amazed by how he got inspired by the real world, to create his fairy tales.

But if you do want to travel, maybe we can help you find the book you need, to make your trip even better.

Or to discover a book that you just want to read while your companion is driving the American highways. Perhaps you would like to have a look in our book travel top 10 and find out what book fits your journey.

Travelling wouldn’t be travelling, if it didn’t had a philosophical side as well. Do we just romanticize the idea of traveling the globe? Or do we reflect with realism and use our common sense to evaluate the world we see? You might want to read the article reading while you’re traveling: a double journey to find that out.

You can say whatever you want to say. Feel whatever you want to feel. But don’t tell me you are not a little bit excited to go on an adventure now yourself. Whether you would book a flight right this minute, or snuggle up with your travelling book, everybody is a nomad deep inside.

And one of the other great things about living in 2017 is that you can share that wanderlust. You can share it with the world. Your own circle of friends and family, or thousands of followers. Maybe you can even share you journey in a book. Whether is it by kilometres, time zones or flipping pages in this magazine, once a traveller always a traveller.