Social media has become a great avenue for people to share their lives with one another. The subjects of people’s posts can go from mundane things from their daily lives, to memorable travels. As the feeling of “wanderlust” has become more occurrent to everyone nowadays, it has become essential to share one’s travels on Facebook or Instagram whenever given the chance to discover places. One college student, however, has stuck to the slightly old-school practice of blogging. While she also uses Instagram to upload photos from her life, she makes it a point to blog about her travels. This is Lala Singian of Corners and Crannies.

Lala is a 20-year-old Creative Writing student from the Ateneo de Manila University in Manila, Philippines. While working as a writer for music blogs, she has been handling her own personal travel blog, Corners and Crannies, since 2015. The blog features her travels around the world, provinces in the Philippines, and bars in Manila. As the schedule of a college student can be really busy thanks to the numerous amounts of requirements, Lala has included her travels from even before 2015 for more captivating content. Despite the hectic life of a student, she always makes it a point to discover places whenever she can.

As she may include photos on her blog entries for the readers to see the places she writes about, it truly is her way with words that make the places seem more magical and unique. Her quirky, fun personality is evident in her writing, and that’s what makes her blog so fun to read. Here’s an interview with the writer herself, as she talks about her reasons for blogging, her style, and her future as a writer:

What got you to start a travel blog? How’s it like blogging as a student?

— I’m very lucky to have a mom that has itchy feet and doesn’t mind bringing me along. We’ve been mainly to exotic places in Africa and Asia. These are rare places and I wanted to share my musings and observations that I hope are equally as outlandish. I’m also a Creative Writing student so I thought it would be a good motivator to get scribbling.

Ever since I was a little girl all I wanted to do was travel and write about the world. This [blogging] comes from one of my titas (“aunts” in Filipino) who was the travel editor of Lifestyle Asia once upon a time and she would travel everywhere for free and stay in fab places! Before, I had the intention of just getting free gigs (which mostly came in the form of drinks as the blog grew), but now I want to write about more introspective and personal content.

I see that you’ve included music on your blog posts; what made you want to do that? Are there other features that have to be included on your blog?

— Music means the world to me. If there is one thing I love just as much as traveling, it’s music, spanning multiples genres. Lately I’ve been focusing my work on writing for a music company called Stages sessions, also. While in another country, music sounds so much more romantic. You’re constantly on the move but at a certain point, when the silence loses its spark, it’s nice to pop in some earphones and set some mood music. For example, in Portugal I would listen to bossa nova, which I heard in the streets as well. I had memorable conversations over breakfast and later beers about & while listening to the local music–Joao Gilberto, Elis Regina, that sort. Music is an essential part of a country culture- its instruments hints at its history. The lyrics speak volumes of what the local people think, and more importantly, care about.

What are some of the most interesting places you’ve been to?

— India, definitely! [We] went to a wedding in Bangalore, rode elephants, and the like. More than anything, I learned about their intricate culture, and rubbed shoulders with the people that carried sons of tradition in their veins. It was transcendental!

Do you see yourself working as a travel writer in the future?

— Oh my, oh my, oh my! I hope so, I dream so, I yearn so! It would be wonderful if I could but every now and then I have an existential crisis. This is because travel writing–on a lifestyle level–sometimes requires lying through your teeth about the place because they’re treating you to the hotel or food or whatever. I would like to be a contributor, more than anything. I want to do a type of travel writing that is personal, HONEST and that reflects about a place in a way that also includes self-discovery. It’s hard to do that in your typical magazine. But the arts on a local and international scene are growing in a wonderful way! And I do hope in the future the public will allow & pay attention to a different, more real type of writing about the world.

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