Is it coward to run away from a time that doesn’t belong to you?

“Carol”, a film by Todd Haynes, explains the love that comes up between Therese (Rooney Mara), a humble young girl who works in a department store, and Carol (Cate Blanchett), an upper class woman in process of divorce. The story is told through the memory of Therese, a mix beween reality and desire of what it was and remains. And it’s possible by blurring the images and the ecos of the outside. All together to shape the first encounter that will change their lives.

“Carol”, which is directly connected to Christmas, happens in a period of the year when the hopes of the unexpected and the need to leave things behind coexist. Almost immediately, Therese accepts to go with Carol through the United States not knowing the destination, like two fugitives of a moment that overtakes them.

It’s then when this drama shows a road movie touch, though in the homonymous book it’s more explicit. This journey brings them every time closer and every destination means more complicity that culminates in a small city called Waterloo, instead of Chicago which is so big and exposed as New York. This fact emphasises the wish of taking anonymous spaces for a beautiful and subtle love.

Everything comes full circle.

Todd Haynes idea meetings full of significance concentrated in gloves, innocent hands looking for shoulders and glances that speak themselves. The game of seduction that ranges to change sides as the film advances to suggest that the subject and the object of desire evolve as the feeling of the both of them. All of this woven through the delicate soundtrack of Carter Burwell, reminiscent of the music of Philip Glass in “The Hours” (2002), which power the tremendous delicacy of both realities: the insecurity of the one who doubts about how to live and the one who feels the pressure of a known world that subjugates her.

Impeccably, Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara embody both women in love, although they in a time that doesn’t belong to them. Because they are incapable to live against their own grain. Love as the most breathtaking of gifts.