Last week we talked about  travelling as a way of discovering the world, new cultures, new realities. This week we will do a more personal approach on travel. Travel can also be an individual journey that allows us to escape our daily live and go somewhere else, weather is is a physical or ethereal place. That´s actually the key word: to escape.

Since this week section is cinema, we will talk in our articles about two different kind of “escaping” travels. On the one hand, we will analyze some movies where the characters choose to start a journey to find a new reality. Maybe they feel not accepted in their context or they feel not confortable with the values defended by people who surround them. On the other hand, we we will share some reflections about how watching movies can give us a little silence in this noisy world. It allows us to leave behind our daily problems, those that does not let us sleep, and get to a peaceful state of mind.

In her article A question about reality: When our favorite childhood characters tried to escape itPernille goes into our childhood dreams . She makes us reflect about what´s behind the fantasy world of Narnia, Alice´s Wonderland or Peter Pan´s Neverland. Are we looking for a different and nicer truth?

Maya also proposes us a phylosophical article under the title Escape into the darknessAs she says, going to the movies brings us the opportunity of disconnecting from everything that worries us. She explains us how films can helps people who are in a hard situation, like refugees.

We also have three film reviews. Firstly, Bea analyzes Into the WildThis film talks about the story of Christopher McCandless, a young man who could not hold the non sense of the society around him. He travelled through the US for more than two years. This journey led him to a deep wisdom of human nature. Alba talks about the film CarolCarol and Therese love each other in a society and a time that does not understand them. In third place, Danique writes about BrooklynThis film explains us the story of Eilish, an irish migrant who travels to the US on the fifties. It´s important to include this different perspective on escaping, who comes not from an spiritual unsatisfaction, but an economic need.

Finally, Joan Pol offers us a map where he links different films with the cities where they take place. He proves it is possible to travel without leaving your bed. A very useful article for students who have not a lot of money.