What is it like to immigrate to a new country? For us it might be very exiting because we choose to do it. But what if, say seventy years ago, there was no life for you in your hometown. No job, no love,no kids. Nothing holding you there except for family. You hear about all these people going to the land of dreams, to build a future and to search for a meaning in live. Would it be fun? Or would it be exciting? Would you cross the ocean to go and find a satisfying life in America?

Brooklyn tells the story of a young girl named Eilish, who will cross the ocean for a better life in New York of the 1950s. Her life in Ireland is simple, but it’s not much. Her sister Rose wrote to a priest she knows in New York and he is happy to help.

Together they offer Eilish a better life, in Brooklyn. She doesn’t understand why she has to go, but Rose keeps on pushing her and tells her that her life can be so much more in America than here in Ireland. So of Eilish goes. Of to America.

She ends up in a house with four other girls and Ms. Kehoe, the landlady. The first weeks in United States are hard. As an immigrant, you can feel as lonely as if you are the only person from your country, living in a gigantic city. At her job things aren’t much better. She has to smile and chitchat with the costumers but she doesn’t feel like talking to strangers whilst she feels awful.

‘It felt like my body was in Brooklyn, but my heart was with you in Ireland. Now, for the first time, it feels like it’s halfway across the ocean.’

Luckily for Eilish, she Irish society in Brooklyn holds an Irish dance every week. All the girls from the house go there to meet a nice young fella. After a couple of dances Eilish is lucky and she meets a nice young man who wants to walk her home. She quickly falls in to a romance with this young Italian guy named Tony.

Tony helps her to make Brooklyn feel like home and for the first time in a long time, she’s is truly happy. But then there is always home. When the past catches up with Eilish, she needs to go back to Ireland. Things have changed while she was away and a future in Ireland seems much brighter now than ever. So Eilish must choose between her new life in et beloved Ireland and her love for Tony in her new home in Brooklyn.