Ali Ali and Ahmad al-Hammoud studied together in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Damascus, in Syria. They did not only share the same studies but they also lived in the same house. They were like brothers.

Art is not as valued in Syria as in Europe, so the ‘standard’ development of a syrian artist is going to Europe. Ali and the rest of classmates of Ahmad went to countries like Spain, France or Great Britain. Ahmad could not, because his brother became ill in 2004 and he had to go to his family city, Deir ez-Zor, to be with him.

Ahmad and Ali maintained their friendship talking by Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype or telephone. They shared some art exhibitions in Syria, because Ali made some trips to his country of origin to show his works.

But everything changed for Ahmad in 2011, when the conflict began. Deir ez-Zor was one of the cities where the war started and he had to leave everything in his house to go to Turkey. Ali lost the contact with him. When Ahmad could finally arrie to Turkey, he talked with Ali. Ahmad had to go to the refugee camp in Harran.

Now Ahmad is living in the camp since 5 years. He cannot return to his home but he also does not want to go to Europe because he is scared. He knows that it is complicated to get a job and to become adaptaed in this continent that is so strange for him.

Ali has had an idea to bring Ahmad to Europe. He is selling Ahmad’s art works to earn money for the flights and the costs of living in Europe.  He is also doing and special collection to make the people be aware of the refugees problem. Ahmad is nowadays living in Harran’s camp but Ali expects that he is going to Europe very soon.