The exhibition A peu de tanca is a collection of photographs documenting the harsh reality of migration in the south border of Spain and it can be found in Pati Llimona (Barcelona) from the 22th of February to 15th of March. It’s an exhibition organized by Stop Mother Mortum with the collaboration of “Pressenza”, the association “Cuidando a quien cuida” and “Pedagogía Ceuta”. The goal is to make visible and to denounce the repeated violation of human rights in the border of Spain.

The photojournalist Antonio Sampere structure the visual narrative of the exhibition “walk of fence” in three parts: the waiting in camps in forests in the North of Morocco – after a trip full of vexacions-; the co-existence with the decision of when to jump the fence; and the estroncament of the expectations with regard to Europe once locked in the Temporary Holding Centers for Immigrants (CETI). Sampere is a photojournalist in the international agency Pressenza and a direct witness of the drama of the cross-border migration in North Africa.