The Pride Ass White Niggas Gang, better known as P.A.W.N. Gang, is a musical band from Barcelona that is singing Trap. This musical gender is a mixture from Hip Hop and electronic music. The origins of trap come from the Southern United States. A “trap” is, under the argot of the Southern United States, a place where drugs are selled. The principal topics of this musical gender are drugs, violence and “street life” and the first trap performers where afroamericans from a lower social class.

The globalization let us share everything. So we can listen music from different countries. The problem is when we try to imitate it. If someone sings gospel knowing the cultural background of this music there is no problem. If someone listens to trap knowing the context where it comes from, there is no problem.

The problem appears when a group like the P.A.W.N. Gang, this catalan trap band, plays this kind of music imitating the clothes, vocabulary and way of life of the first trap performers, living in a very different context. They call theirselfes “niggas” and this is a problem because this is racism. They are unrespectful and they are ridiculizing the orirgins of this musical gender.

Now this band is very popular between young people in Barcelona and Catalunya but most of them don’t know where trap comes from and what does it mean playing this musical gender in a very different context as the original. Knowing and sharing things from other cultures is always interesting but we have to do it with respect.