What happens when you go to a festival but you have never visited a festival before? Of course you can ask your friends but you don’t want to seem like a total new bee. So here we made the ultimate festival guide for you. Based on what festival visitors have answered to some really tough questions. Together we created the best guide ever. Are you ready? Let’s festive!

First of all, we need some clothes. Depending on what season you are going to a festival, your outfit can change. Because most festivals are held in the good days of spring and fall and the best days of summer, we are skipping winter jackets.


If you could only bring one piece of clothing, what would you bring?

Hannah: ‘A hat. Definitely, because once I forgot my cap and my face was so burned on the first day and I still had three days to go with a burned head. Not so nice.’

Veronique: ‘A bikini, or at least a top. A lot of festivals have either the space to go tanning or they have a massive water balloon fight or something where you will get wet, so a bikini is nice then.’

Marcel: ‘Clean underwear. You can go several days in the same clothes but a fresh pair of underwear is quite nice among all your dirty stuff.’

If you could only bring three things to the festival, what would it be?

Annemarie: ‘Money, sunscreen and a sixpack of beer. You need your alcohol.

Hannah: ‘Clothes that can get dirty, so no white, dry hair shampoo and a very good mood!’

Sanne: ‘Airmatress, clean clothes and a toothbrush, very important.’


In which country would you still want to go to a festival?

Marcel: ‘I would love to go in Prague, because the music is good and the beers are cheap.’

Veronique: ‘Ibiza. The island of the party islands but unfortunately, it’s expensive.’

Hannah: ‘For sure, somewhere with 0% chance of rain!’


Pack your bags:

– Waterproof poncho

– pocket tissues

– cleaning whipes

– ear plugs

– light stick

– sunscreen

– fresh clothes

– money

– toothbrush & toothpaste

– something to sleep on/in