When spoken dialogue gets mundane, music serves as a way to communicate differently. With the different combinations of notes and instruments, without a doubt, someone will get hooked to whatever someone else creates, and feel for the music. As it is also a form of art, musicians have different goals for their creation of music.

Cinema composers are vital to the film industry. In order to give a film a more cinematic vibe, cinema composers are there to provide scores for the movie. With music that varies from orchestral to alternative classical, their creations help emphasise the mood of a scene. Without their music, some films may not be as great.

Others have music as a way of showing their faith. For Catholics attending mass, singing is twice as powerful as spoken words. This is highly evident in the music and performances of Gospel singers. At first popular amongst Catholic Americans, the soul and passion present in Gospel songs have travelled to Europe, and have expanded its influence.

Since there are millions of music lovers all over the world, it is only fitting to bring them together. These events are what are known as music festivals. With several artists on the line up, gatherers come together to enjoy the music. Some festivals have gotten so popular, that people even travel to different countries in order to attend their preferred one. As a festival happens for a day or more, one should be prepared in order to have a great time. Here’s a guide to having he ultimate festival experience, just like what co-writer Pernille had in the Roskilde Festival in Copenhagen.

At a time of globalisation, different genres are being created, and existing genres popular in different parts of the world combine their sounds to form a new sub-genre. Hip hop derived from New York decades ago, while electronic music was created from different parts of the world through different instruments. These two genres eventually merged in the southern part of USA, and now we have trap music. Just like every other genre, it finds its way to popularity. Now, you can dance to trap in different clubs all over the world.

But making music isn’t all that easy. Just like how writers go through a block when they lack the motivation and inspiration to come up with written work, musicians go through the same thing. In order to overcome that block, singer-songwriter George Ezra traveled around Europe to get him to write more music. His travels to Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen, and other cities inspired the songs in his latest album, Wanted on Voyage.